Adrie Brand

Adrie was born in Velddrif and matriculated at Vredendal High.

Adrie was admitted as an attorney in 1983, and he joined De Klerk & Van Gend as a professional assistant on 1 March 1989. He became a director on 1 March 1991, and on 3 May 2000, he was appointed as Chairman of the firm.

Adrie is based at the firm’s Cape Town branch and specialises in commercial law, sports law, labour law, law of contracts, high court litigation and pension law. He has been involved in commercial negotiations for sport codes, including SA Rugby - together with sponsors, suppliers, television companies and players, the conducting of drug anti-doping hearings, providing advice and litigation for pension funds and High Court litigation in general.

He has completed various diplomas including the IRDP at the Business School (University of Stellenbosch) and a course in Constitutional Litigation at UNISA.

Areas of practice:


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