Data and Privacy Protection

In today's digital age, where an organisation's most valuable assets often encompass data and information, our data protection legal experts are primed to assist you in safeguarding your data and preventing breaches.

Our team of experienced data protection attorneys can assist you and your company to navigate the swiftly evolving terrain of data protection laws and help you to better manage the risk of serious data breaches. We understand both the law (local and international) and technology issues around privacy and are able to assist you with data management, data security and privacy law advice wherever you do business (in South Africa and/or internationally).

We adopt a pragmatic and commercially grounded methodology to address our clients' challenges related to data protection and privacy concerns in an effective manner. Our emphasis lies in adeptly optimising the value of data while mitigating potential legal and reputational hazards. This approach positions our team at the forefront, enabling us to deliver thorough and strategically vital guidance on data protection to our clients.

Our data and privacy protection services include:

  • Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA)/ Audits;
  • Data mapping;
  • Data compliance programs, policies, and procedures;
  • Data security, data loss prevention, and data breaches;
  • E-discovery and investigations;
  • GDPR and its applicability both in and outside the EU;
  • Policies and documents required for website compliance;
  • Third-party engagements (i.e. Operator/Processor agreement);
  • Data transfers;
  • Data retention;
  • Global data compliance;
  • Data protection training.
1Recent Engagements
  • Privacy Impact Assessment and management of Data Protection Project for a major healthcare technology provider;
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment and various practical deliverables for an international training company with the main focus on GDPR;
  • Specialized Data Protection training for software developers, sales teams, and marketing;
  • Facial recognition opinion and guidance for a major retailer and security industry;
  • Implementation and training on specific organizational measurements for schools to function within the data protection framework as required by schools in South Africa;
  • Data Protection policies drafting for a known residential estate in the Western Cape.


Claire Gibson-Pienaar
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