Corné Gersbach

Corné was born in Alberton, Gauteng and matriculated at High School Marais Viljoen. She obtained her LLB degree from the University of Johannesburg in 2007. Corné joined DKVG immediately after graduating, and was admitted as both an Attorney and a Conveyancer in 2008. A year later she was admitted as a notary, and in 2015 she was made a Director.

Corné has been based in the Tyger Valley branch since day 1, and now sits at the fulcrum of the conveyancing department. She specialises in estate transfers (her biggest client is Absa Trust), subdivisions, consolidations, general transfers, wills, and trusts. She has a passion for helping families to navigate times of transition. Corné relishes working with estate agents, and is constantly thinking of ways to improve the firm’s interaction with them.

A keen jogger and swimmer, Corné is the founder and driving force behind FitFridays – a mental and physical health initiative where staff bring their takkies to work every Friday for a walk in the vineyards surrounding the Bellville branch.

Areas of practice:

Property & Real Estate
Wills, Estates
and Trusts

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