Igshaan Higgins

Igshaan is a born and bred Capetonian. He obtained his BA from the University of Cape Town and his LLB from the University of the Western Cape (UWC). He has also completed various post-graduate diplomas, certificates, and specialist courses in alternative dispute resolution, insolvency law, sports management, and corporate law.

Igshaan started his legal career at UWC’s legal aid clinic, before joining Terence Rex Attorneys as a Candidate Attorney. In late 1997, Igshaan and his partner established the law firm Bardien & Higgins which merged with DKVG in a Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) transaction in 2007.

Igshaan has always been deeply committed to giving back to the community. Over the decades, he has led voter education programmes, worked as a lobbyist during the writing of South Africa’s Constitution, and led the rollout of Street Law offices throughout South Africa. He has served in advisory positions on entities including the Cape Law Society, the Legal Practice Council, the Western Cape Heritage Department, and the Western Cape Rental Housing Tribunal.

Igshaan is the founding member of the South African Academy for Young Leaders, a non-profit organisation which focuses on developing leadership and conflict resolution skills for young South Africans. He has a keen interest in developing community rugby, Cape Muslim and Slave Heritage, Cape Malay Choirs, and Cape Minstrels. He is heavily involved with several museums that celebrate Cape heritage.

In his free time, Igshaan is an aspiring Master Chef and the founder of the Silver Kitchen, a bespoke dining experience.

Areas of practice:

Personal Law

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