Your April website: Is big brother tracking you?

Here’s a potential online privacy concern you should be aware of.

If you use Google Maps, go to www.google.com/maps/timeline (you’ll need to log in) and have a look at your “Timeline”.  Red dots mark the places you’ve been to – double click on them for details, a map of your routes, and linked photos.  Or search by date to see where you were, where you went, and how long you stayed there.

That’s great stuff if you want to browse back down memory lane, or prove your whereabouts on a particular day.  Or perhaps you need reminding of the name of the B&B you stayed at or the great restaurant you ate at.  But it’s also a bit creepy if you’re passionate about your privacy.

Go to Google Help https://support.google.com/ and search for “Location History” to see how to turn it off or to modify/delete particular entries.

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