Faizel Bardien

Faizel Bardien was born in Cape Town and matriculated at Alexander Sinton High School.He obtained his B.Iuris LL.B degrees from the University of the Western Cape.

Faizel was admitted as an attorney in 1997 and a conveyancer in 2004. In 1997, Faizel and Igshaan Higgins established the law firm Bardien & Higgins in Claremont, a suburb of Cape Town. In 2007, Bardien & Higgins became incorporated into De Klerk & Van Gend. Faizel is also an insolvency practitioner and has been appointed to the Master of the Western Cape High Court’s list of practicing Insolvency Practitioners.

Faizel specializes in property law, conveyancing, property developments, and bond registration on behalf of all major banks, all aspects of sectional titles, consolidations and general conveyancing. He is currently based in the Claremont offices. Faizel currently serves as the deputy chairperson of SANZAF, a social-welfare and educational organization that strives to facilitate the empowerment of underprivileged communities.

Faizel is also a keen mountain and road cyclist.

Areas of practice:

Property & Real Estate
Personal Law
Wills, Estates
and Trusts

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